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Ride like a viking memberships

  • Click here to open a spreadsheet with all the clients that still need to  be entered manually as plan holders

  • There is a colum with the date they started, there name, and there email address

  • You will be starting from the bottom of the spreadsheet and working your way up to the top

  • Open another tab on your internet browser

  • Login to Wix

  • Click on website Ride Like A Viking

  • Click on Pricing Plans on the left menu

  • Click on top right button called More Actions

  • Click on "sell plan offline"

  • Start typing the name or email address from the bottom of the spreadsheet in the other tab

  • When the contact appears tick the box next to there name then select next

  • From the first drop down select Monthly Plan (ALL contacts in the spreadsheet are on a monthly plan) 

  • On the next dropdown menu select the date that is written on the spreadsheet 

  • Payment status is Paid Automatically you dont need to touch this drop down option .Only the Date and plan.

  • Click top right blue button labeled complete purchase

  • Another screen will appear click the blue confirm button

  • Repeat the process until the list is finished

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