How to Create a Quick-Booking Form with the Wix Bookings API

Learn how to create a quick-booking form for your services using the Wix Bookings API. In this video, you’ll build a form that lets clients quickly book an appointment for the current week. You’ll use a lightbox, text and a variety of user input elements to create and design the form. Then, you’ll create a new collection, “Pending Appointments”, to store client info and manage the status of your booking requests (i.e. pending, approved or dismissed). You’ll add several functions to ensure that when clients make a booking request, they’ll only see available dates and times—all of your requests marked as “pending” or “approved” will be filtered out and not appear as an option in the form. When a potential client submits a booking request, all their info will appear in your “Pending Appointments” collection as a new item and their status will be labeled as “pending” until you approve or decline their request.

Learn how to use the Wix Bookings API to create your own admin page, so you can manage all your booking requests. You’ll use two repeaters to view, approve or dismiss booking requests—one for all your pending requests and the other for dismissed requests. Each repeater will be connected to its own dataset with different filter values. This ensures each dataset retrieves only the relevant data from the “Pending Appointments” collection (created in the first part of this tutorial) and populates each repeater appropriately. Then, you’ll add code that gives functionality to the elements on your admin page, like approve or dismiss booking requests, or contacting clients via email.