Wix Stores

Expert help for your Wix Store

Whether you have an existing Wix Store that needs editing, custom checkout, shipping, payment settings, or a complete Wix Store setup we can help you.

Below are you will see examples of how we can help you sell online now.

Custom checkout options

Automated tax setup

Stripe/Square/PayPal payments

LayBuy, Manual Transfer, 

Alipay, WeChat Pay setup

Similar store products slider

Mini Cart option

Buy Now buttons

Shopify integration

for AfterPay & ZipPay

Automated invoices

Invoice reminders

Custom shipping options

Domestic & International

Handling fee 

Free shipping

DropShipping integration

Package slips

Tracking numbers

Shipping discounts

Curbside pickup

Connect Fulfillment Services

Shipping by product weight

Custom product options

Digital or physical products

Inventory tracking

Product SKU

Product variants

Product options

Out of stock

Product ribbons

Product coupons


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