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About Us

Hey! I'm Carla from CC Website Design.

You will always work directly with me from the start to the end of your project. 

I'm from Wellington New Zealand, and living & working in Brisbane, Australia for the last 12 years.

Although Brisbane based, we provide Website Design, Website Development, e-commerce services, Website Consultations, Graphic Design, Marketing, and SEO services, to clients all over the world!

My favourite part of a project is hearing a client's reaction to the end result,

the best feeling in the world, is hearing how much happiness I am able to bring to other people and their business.


Like the old saying goes "Money can't buy everything".


I believe this is what sets my service apart from others, I am honest, upfront, considerate and, incredibly determined. I hate seeing people taken advantage of, you will always get an honest answer and quote to match the actual work needed on your project. I am here to help you and your business succeed in the best way possible.

 Through the last 4 years in the website design industry, I have made some amazing connections and long term clients and I hope you can be one of them too =)

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Wix Legend Partner

Wix provides the world with the Wix Marketplace. This is a platform where people can request and hire qualified, trusted Wix Partners like myself. It provides people with reassurance that they are being looked after by professional people, specialising in using the Wix Platform for Website Design.

The Wix Marketplace consists of 4 Levels, every Wix Partner is assigned a Badge to display their Partner Level.

CC Website is proud to hold the top level badge shown above. 

The Wix Marketplace is a fantastic place to view every verified review left by our clients and check out our most recent Website Design projects. You can click the button below to view our profile on the Wix Marketplace.

Our Values

"Communication is the key to success"


I live by this!

I believe for any business to be truly successful communication is of the utmost importance. Not only that but knowing the right way to communicate with someone. 

I ensure I am available to my clients for open communication in their preferred method as much as possible. If you would like to learn more about what working with me looks like you can click the button below.

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