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Simple steps to starting your own business...

Have you have always dreamt of starting your dream business?

But something always comes up, or you just aren't quite ready?

Stop making all the excuses in the world!

There is always going to be another reason why not...

I remember thinking of many before I finally just started!

No more. You start NOW!

Yahhhhh! You said YES I Will Start Now!

But now you're wondering how on earth do I start my business??

Throughout my upcoming blogs, I will share with you my guide to starting up a business. Let's start with step 1 right now!

Starting Your New Business Checklist

Step 1:

Your Business Name

The most essential first step to starting your own business.

When deciding on your business name a few key points to bear in mind include:

  • Short and sweet

  • Clearly conveys what your business offers

  • Easy to remember

  • Available

When considering your business name remember that in future steps you will need to use that name for matching business emails, website address etc, and no one finds in enjoyable entering a longggg website or email address.

Finding a way to use a word that describes your business services is very beneficial to being found and remembered. A catchy/short business name is a lot easier to remember, and you want to be remembered.

You can check if your business name is available by clicking here

If you are struggling with thinking of your business name try the following free business name generators online



Don't overthink your business name the right one for you will just appear in front of you in your online business name generators or just pop into your head.

But you will decide on one that you love!

Please let me know what business name you decided on for step 1 in starting your own business. I can't wait to hear from you.