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Website Design process part 2

Are you looking at getting your website designed by a professional?

Our last blog post we spoke about part 1 of our Website Design Process which just to recap everyone on was

Step 1: Contact

Step 2: Discovery

Step 3: Quote

Let's assume that step 3: quote was accepted and we are ready to move

on to Part 2. Step 4 of our Website Design Process

Website Design Client Portal
Website Design Client Portal

Step 4:

We create you your own client portal.

You will receive via email from us a link to your client portal & your password

Inside your client portal you will find everything needed for your onboarding process which includes the following:

  • Your Contract

  • Your Invoice

  • Your Intake Forms

  • Your Onboarding Guide

  • Your Emails Between Us

Step 5:

You will pay 50% of your invoice via your client portal. The invoice will take you

to a secure checkout link to pay via any credit/debit card OR pay via PayID / Bank Transfer.

You will also complete any intake forms assigned to you in your portal. For clients

getting a website with a online store you can expect to have more forms assigned to you then a standard website.

You can click here to view our standard website design intake form.

Once you have submitted your intake form we are able to begin the web design.

Children's Therapy Website Design
Children's Therapy Website Design

Step 6:

After processing all of the information received in your intake forms we begin your website design. We generally begin with research and sourcing. This could include all the images, videos, icons, fonts, that we think would suit your websites style.

When we feel happy with the design of your home page, we can continue to style the remaining pages to consistently suit your brand.

Step 7

When the desktop version of your website is complete we will send you a link to view your website in a live format and leave your feedback or changes needed directly on the place where the change is needed. This Tool provided by Wix saves so much time with back and forth emails, we absolutely love it! Only when the desktop version of your website is 100% approved by you, do we begin the mobile website design. The reason for this is every change made on desktop creates an effect on the mobile site and can lead to a lot of wasted time and energy.

Gym Apparel Wix Website Design
Gym Apparel Wix Website Design

Step 8

When the mobile version is approved by you too we are ready to pay and publish! Exciting Step! You are able to login to your Client Portal and click the original invoice to make the final 50% payment. When this is made we transfer ownership of the website to your own Wix Account. We then also connect your website to your domain and index the website on Google. Our design timeline is generally 7 days from receiving your intake forms at the start but we allow for up to 14 days. At this point you also receive a handover guide from us with any important account details etc. that you will need.

Don't be scared at this point, we always keep in touch with or clients long term and

we always make ourselves available to answer any questions your bound to have along the way! We hope our Website Design Process Blog Posts have provided you with a good insight, and please feel free to get in touch to begin your own Website Design Journey today.

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